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In my humble opinion Toronto photographer Michael Graydon not only takes great photos, he captures moments in time.

Static photos of homes, objects and food are everywhere. However, when I look at Michael’s gorgeous photos of food I feel like someone has either just left the table or is about to sit down to enjoy a meal. Used cutlery is often to the side of the dish, crumbs lie beside a plate, adding a human element to the portrait. I mean, how many photographers leave crumbs in their perfectly photoshopped images these days? This is what separates Michael Graydon from the average photographer. See for yourself.

I love how the textured, bleached wood surface compliments the vintage dishes and tarnished silver. Reminiscent of Grandma’s kitchen isn’t it? Notice that the cake ingredients are still in the bowls and also in the measuring cup. Who was just here, it makes one wonder?

The beer was recently opened. The chair is slightly askew, posing the question, where did the diners go and when will they be back? This isn’t just a meal,
it’s a moment.

Michael also photographs interiors. The doors are left ajar… inviting the viewer into the next room perhaps? This vignette looks like an older home or cottage. The floors are worn and the carpet fringe isn’t perfectly straight. Again, adding a “lived in” look to the imagery.

Look, it’s my favorite tree wallpaper above the door! And that chandalier!
The attention to lighting and reflection in this small space is what makes this photo speak to me!

Brilliant. There is a story behind this photo and I want to know what it is.

My personal favourite. Now this is a moment!!!
If you have time you really should check out the rest of his work here.
I am a huge fan!!