I’m happiest when my life plans are ‘cast in iron’. This harmony, has recently been interrupted. I know what my strong points are, yet I’m usually unwilling to share them. This post is to kick-start me into documenting my personal development and growth, as a graphic designer and writer. So, I’m accountable for me….right? Right then!

I’ve been painting, drawing and making all sorts of artsy projects since I was old enough to hold a crayon. My sister used to refer to my career as “colouring all day. I wish! Here’s the thing… after I finished art school and started working as a studio/layout/production artist, I stopped designing anything that wasn’t for work. Once I was in that mode, it was difficult for me to trust my judgment and create personal work without a client to approve, or critique it.

I’m very excited to present my first design after a long artistic drought. Rendered in Photoshop, I began by typing out my favourite quote from Confucius. I sourced the vintage botanical image from thegraphicsfairy.com. By implementing various painting, layering and masking techniques in Photoshop, I created an inspirational typography poster.

Final Poster_Floral