I bought my very first pair of Dr. Martens this weekend. The Orla Wingtip Mary Jane’s. I was walking around the Canadian National Exhibition and my feet were already sore when I tried these babies on. WOW. I’ve always heard how comfortable Docs are but of course I have size 10 D-width (platypus-sized) feet so… really, I never thought of them as an option. Wrong! Oh, they are wide and sturdy and slip resistant and there is a cushion-like sole inside and if I click my heels three times they just might take me home!

14053002_1_1So, I tossed my sandals into my bag and walked in these for three hours! I don’t recommend wearing them for that long without socks because the leather on these shoes needs breaking in and I got a very small blister. BUT. My feet weren’t sore. My toes weren’t cramped. I still looked stylish. I might have a new addiction. Uh oh.

Dr-Martens_webDr. Marten street style at The Satorialist