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Covet Garden is an amazing magazine about spaces that aren’t styled by interior decorators, but are decorated by the interesting people who live in them.

This issue features Nikole, who owns a fabulous online shop called Herriott Grace with her father (a wonderful story). Her tiny 390-square-foot apartment is so stylish, rustic and charming – and it’s in Toronto, my home town! It’s very interesting for me to read about someone who lives, works and shops in the same city as I do!

The tapestry on the wall was purchased at St. Lawrence Market. Can you believe I have been living here all my life and I have never there? What a shame. It’s time for me to get myself there! The image on the right showcases some of the stunning wooden bowls and spoons that Nikole’s Dad makes himself!

Nikole’s space is full of cherished items that have a real history behind them. Plus, you can just look at the pictures and scroll over the things you “covet” for “Where to Buy” links! Too cool, or what? You must check out this fabulous issue for all the amazing details! Photography by one of my personal faves – Michael Graydon – I blogged about him here.