Even though it feels like 35 degrees outside, I’ve been pondering my fall wardrobe. Do you ever open up your closet that is jam packed with clothes and think to yourself, “I have nothing to wear”. Yup. I feel like I need to get myself together and rethink what I purchase in the future. It’s time to wear grown up clothes!

These luxury statement pieces form the Quella Collection by designer Rebecca Tilley, are so stunning. The clothes are like the cake and the jewels are like the frosting – and who doesn’t love the frosting on cake…. really? I want them all!

I’m inspired to pare down my wardrobe with simple, classic pieces and accessorize more to make an impact. Bold jewellery like this is timeless and it can even be paired with a crisp, white shirt and jeans. Effortless style. Maybe if I lived in Tuscany… hmmmm.

Quella-Collection-2013-26-Rebecca-Tilley-Est-Magazine Quella-Collection-2013-28-Rebecca-Tilley-Est-Magazine Quella-Collection-2013-29-Rebecca-Tilley-Est-Magazine Quella-Collection-2013-30-Rebecca-Tilley-Est-Magazine Quella-Collection-2013-31-Rebecca-Tilley-Est-Magazine images via