Yes, yes, yes!!! Look at my new fashion superhero – heroine?  Nicolette Mason.

8591293444_4ab216f6f7_bI love little lacy white dresses but it is the one fashion piece that I also avoid like the plague. Why? Because I always assumed white dresses were for those size 0, small boned waif-like girls who eat Splenda for lunch. I on the other hand, am curvy like my new superhero, as shown here. And doesn’t she look lovely in this dress?

I’m also afraid that my big boned shoulders will make me look like a line backer packed into a baby doll’s dress! Yeah… gotta cover the shoulders in something this delicate, but that’s just my insecurity screaming at me. Or, that I would look kind of like a humungo wedding cake topper…. it’s not a good thing.

This look works for me because of the chunky jewellery, black jacket, boots and belt add a rocker chic vibe. The neon bag makes this ensemble less ho-hum – a fresh pop of colour – right on trend. And my shoulders would be hidden from sight! This look would transition nicely from summer to fall and now that there are so many sales…. well, I’ll just have to go shopping!