I work in an incredible historic Toronto neighbourhood called the Kingsway. The centre medians along the main street in the Kingsway are truly unique with lighted trees, distinctive flags and beautiful summer blooms. Wrought iron benches and coach lanterns create a feeling of olde.

The Kingsway theatre opened in 1939 and it still stands, with it’s art deco style and original signage. I walk past it everyday. I took a photo of it….then, I decided to give it the Instagram treatment using Photoshop – to age and stylize it.

Here is the original photo….


….and here is the cropped and retouched image. I followed a tutorial I found on abduzeedo. Then I roughed up the edge of the image a little by deleting using a rough brush and varying the opacity. I like the vintage effect this gives the image – it could have been taken in the 60s or 70s, not today. So, there you have it – my own original material. It’s not perfect, but it’s just my style!