first of all, i would like to introduce my new writing style. i’m not using caps anymore. i’m on the computer like all day so it saves me time. and i need time to get back to the real tactile world where i kick it ol’ school and use a paintbrush and a camera instead of my keyboard. i’m rebelling against the shift key to save milliseconds off my typing time. hey, it all adds up.

just like the canadian penny which is no longer considered currency and when we pay cash we have to round up sometimes so we’ll lose out. it adds up and i’m a little pissed off about it. so i’m boycotting cash and using my debit card. but i digress…

i will also use the occasional slang/swearword, so don’t be shocked. it’s the way i talk so why shouldn’t i write that way too? i’ll try to not use the f word. maybe “friggin” instead. cuz my mom reads this.

so, i found out about this photographer on instagram and her photos are amaze-balls. totes. her name is irene finn and i am smitten with her style, composition, subject matter, editing – everything! it’s instagram love. oh and she blogs too.

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