I was going to title this series “Fashion Friday” but how lame is that? I’m sure Girl Friday is used somewhere else but I like the meaning behind it. “To describe an especially faithful servant”. Like the politically incorrect phrase “Slave to fashion?” Oui!

Due to the fact that I may actually be a reincarnated princess from some far off land, I have problems dressing casually. Le boyfriend agrees. He actually tells me that I need “a heel with that”. Wow.


Here is a casual outfit I actually like. It’s chic and appears as if it was just thrown together. I mean, the shirt is wrinkled right? Did she pick it off the floor before she put it on because she is oh so busy and just had to run out at the last second but still had the time to pose for this photo right on the street (ha, gotta love fashion eh?). Yeah. I could wear this. The key to making this work is to make sure everything is fitted. Otherwise it will just look schlubby. That, my friends, is the key to casual chic.