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Okay, I’ve been a bad blogger lately. Very bad. No posts since the New Year. S’up? I kind of felt overwhelmed by the materialism at the Holidays. Now don’t get me wrong. I love material things. I’m not proud of it, but hey, at least I’m contributing to the economy.

Which brings us to why I’m writing this post. I’m currently unhappy with my brand name purse. I hate the way it hangs. The zipper sticks. It’s patent leather (faux, I mean come on, what was I thinking?) It was probably mass produced in another country, in some dimly lit workshop by an underpaid person.

So, me thinks I will put my money into my own economy here at home. In Toronto. A city bursting with talented artists.

So, I’m reading Covet Garden, one of my fave Toronto magazines/blogs when I come across the cutest tote bag. The beautifully crafted Bookhou Triangle Zip Tote. Me likey. It’s sold out. But the Triangle Day Bag is even better because it’s not as big.


I think this could be a cute everyday schlep my crap around kind of bag. I’d be supporting the lovely bookhou shop in downtown T.O. It’s in my price range. It’s stylish and functional and  not mass produced. Dare I buy a bag/tote made of fabric? I think it’s time!

This is how I plan to shop this year. I am going to try to become more conscious of what and where I purchase things. I AM going to repurpose and recycle. And hopefully in the process, my bloggers block will disappear and I can get back into the swing of things! More on that later. Still looking for the perfect camera. What do you shoot with?