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I always check in on Benita at her lovely blog Chez Larsson. I don’t know if everyone in Sweden is this organized. If they are it must be a very beautiful country.

Benita moved into her new house just over a year ago and man, has she been sprucing up the place! Here is the BEFORE shot. Not too shabby, right?

So, Benita put a trailer on her bike, went to the local lumber yard and hauled it back to her place. Bonus points to her for taking a bike!
As you can see in this next photo, her main objective was to obtain some privacy and also to hide the view of her neighbour’s trash can and recycling bin. For the complete how-to, visit Benita’s site! She built this herself.
And now for the AFTER shot:
Much better! I don’t know that I would have thought of something this clever. What a great looking trellis. It’s fresh and modern.
I can’t wait until she posts a photo of her lovely white roses growing up the side of it!
All images are the property of Chez Larsson.