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I love it when art is displayed in a creative fashion. The focus is the artwork of course, but it’s also how the art is displayed that really matters!

Are you a budding photographer? Wouldn’t you love to show off your work and have the flexibility to update your pictures? Using a clip system against a dramatic charcoal wall allows you to display your master pieces and change them as you improve! via

If you like shabby chic or country French style, why not hang antique style art onto a salvaged old door for extra impact! via

Hanging art symmetrically with white frames and matting always looks crisp and professional. via

Hang a plant in a funky pot from a knob on the wall. Instant art on a budget! via

Don’t forget the bathroom. Hang over-sized art in a casual arrangement so you can enjoy the view. You’re sitting down anyway (most of you – ha), might as well have something to look at! via