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Our new Canadian 50 and 100 dollar bills are made of polymer instead of paper and are deemed to be “indestructible”.

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I think Toronto broke a record today. Apparently it may have been the hottest July day on record. In fact, it is so hot that The Toronto Star reported this week, some Canadians have been shocked to discover that their so-called indestructible new bills are being damage by heat. Cases of the 50’s and 100’s being “fried” in hot cars, on top of toaster ovens and close to heaters have all been reported. The polymer bills have been shrivelling up like a piece of cooked bacon.

Awesome. That kind of justifies the heat for me. I don’t feel guilty anymore for whining and complaining about the intense temperatures. That the grass is too yellow and sounds like potato chips when I walk on it. Hey, our money is melting.

Are you experiencing high temperatures and humidity? What do you do to stay cool?