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By day, I am a graphic designer which is why I really love to share or “curate” good design with others. It takes a lot of searching and effort on my part to find the best photos that I possibly can, to share, with you.

If I added images into my post without “sizing” them there would be all sorts of different image widths in each post. It’s distracting to the eye when scrolling. I also like to put them in at the maximum size for my wordpress theme. My theme “Chateau” has a  maximum pixel width of 529 pixels.

Here is a screen capture of an image I sourced, brought into Photoshop and noticed that the width of the image is 600 pixels. Which means, it’s large enough to fit into my post at maximum size. You ALWAYS want to size down if possible for the best quality, not up.

I always decrease my photos in Photoshop before I select them for the post. I re-size the width to 529 pixels and the length re-sizes proportionately.

The next step is to insert my image into wordpress.

Click on upload/insert. The dialogue box pops up. Choose select files, then go to the bottom and choose “FULL SIZE” – this will show you your max pixel width for full size, medium etc. You always want to insert the image at the same pixel width so your photos will all appear in a straight vertical line when scrolling down your blog.

It might not seem like a huge deal, but photos that are all placed in the same position and are all the same pixel width, will add a great design aesthetic to your blog!

Perfect alignment just looks better, don’t you agree? Oh, and don’t forget to give credit to the images by linking them to the original source. These photos are from Smashing Picture. Happy posting!