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I am a HUGE fan of interior designer Eddie Ross. He just updated a traditional style bedroom to give it a more modern and fresh appeal. With fabric swatches, paint chips, and measurements on hand he drove to the 127 Yard Sale in Union, Kentucky, and then headed south more than 300 miles to Chattanooga, Tennessee stopping everywhere along the way to scan fields, rifle through bins and dig for flea market finds for the project. Very cost effective and also environmentally friendly!

Here’s Eddie with his finds, two chairs with great bones – wait until you see these chairs in the AFTER shot.

Look at all these flea market finds!

Here is the room in the BEFORE shot. It has great features like ceiling trim and gorgeous windows. The heavy drapery, dark furniture and dingy carpet distract the eye, so it’s time for Eddie to work his magic.

Look at the transformation in this gorgeous AFTER shot. The bedroom set was painted with high gloss paint instead of purchasing new furniture, which can be quite costly. New carpet and fabulous fabric really brighten up the space! Look at those windows now!

Here is another BEFORE shot of the bed and side tables.

Here is the AFTER. Amazing what fresh new bedding and bright colour can do. I love the colour palette and the orange and white zebra print cushions. They add a modern punch to the traditional style.

The BEFORE shot of the fireplace.

Here it is AFTER. See the chair on the left? It was painted and the fabric on the cushion was updated. The screen painted white and orange and was added to camouflage an awkward corner. The accessories are also flea market finds.

After brightening up the traditional dresser with paint, Eddie hung a freshly painted bamboo mirror, flanked by wall brackets, then added figures and foo dogs, all from the yard sale, for a glamorous, well-travelled feel. The porcelain canister lamps were purchased for only 10 bucks, and he had a professional turn them into working lamps! They are stunning!

And here is another shot of the finished bedroom. Take a look at that gorgeous ceiling colour!! And there is the other chair – can you recognize it? This space is updated and fresh!

If you’d like to learn how to shop the flea markets like a pro, visit Eddie’s fantastic blog!