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This is a before shot of a kitchen that looks exactly like mine. The cabinets have been painted so many times that they are hard to open and close. The white paint is yellowing with age and the black plastic door handles aren’t really working for me if ya know what I mean. No wonder I don’t like to cook. Ugh, the hideousness. Never mind that the linoleum floor is a sickly grey colour with vomity brown splotches on it and the overhead lamp looks like a huge white globe. How gauche.

Its time for a new look. A makeover. A little organization to make my tiny space more functional.

Here is the after shot of the same kitchen!! Inspired!

Okay so I can’t put this lovely subway tile up as a backsplash but I can apply a fresh coat of paint to brighten up the wall a bit. Don’t you love the cutesy canisters on the countertop? I might have to get me a little something like that!

I will take some photos of the work in progress and some before and after shots as well, for this blog.

Before I start this project, I will create an inspiration board for myself on Pinterest. It’s a great way to gather and organize all the things that inspire me. I also have to make up a check list of things to do and I should keep track of the cashola I spend so I don’t overdo it – its my home, but it is a rental after all!