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When the November issue of O (Oprah Magazine) was released, a supposedly “plus-sized model” posed nude for this photo while holding a Barbie Doll. Dotted lines, of the kind that might be made by a cosmetic surgeon, covered her, indicating what would have to be cut away in order for her to have Barbie’s body. Shocking. This model looks healthy and gorgeous.

This year, I am not going to set myself up for another failed “diet”. I will not step onto a scale and obsess over a number. I will accept the fact that I am not 25 anymore and neither is my body. Whew. Now that the pressure is off, I am going to eat healthier, exercise more and try to look the best that I can for my age. No crazy New Years resolutions to starve myself by eating lettuce with vinegar – yuck!

I plan to get rid of all of my ill-fitting, wanna-look-younger-than-my-age clothing and I will pare down my wardrobe to basics and classics. Never the less, I refuse to discard my animal print and faux fur because, well, that’s just me. I’m a glam girl. Stay tuned for the transformation.

The beginning of this new year is different for me because I am setting realistic goals. I will continue to eat carbs, I’ll just have reduced portions. And if I’m really good and a little lucky, maybe a scientist on a remote island somewhere will discover that ice cream burns excess calories.