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Granny Chic. I first noticed it in Lafayette’s flamboyant abode on True Blood.

What is Granny Chic you ask? Emma Lamb, the admin for the Granny Chic Flickr group, provides a really fantastic description of granny chic design. She says: “It is about great design in new and vintage pieces… it is about beautiful vintage and retro inspired colour combinations… it is about mixing old and new ideas, patterns, colours and textures to create something that is both fresh and modern, yet traditional at the same time… it is about expressing your vintage passion from a modern day perspective… these principals can be applied to everything concerning design, crafts, fashion and interiors”.

Whatever your design aesthetic may be, I think you’ll agree that Granny Chic a trend that might be here to stay! Take a look for yourself on Flickr.

Here are a few of my holiday favourites!

This vintage DIY Christmas wrapping is so darling!
Link: inspirationivitt.blogspot.com

A white tree with vintage ornaments and a granny pillow on an Eames chair!
Is this moose ornament the cutest little guy, or what?
Link: rainingsheep’s photostream

 The father of a very dear friend of mine makes white stars
like these at Christmas. He is Grandpa chic and he doesn’t even know it!
Isn’t this shelf the most lovely display of vintage or what? Granny approves!
Link: www.flickr.com/photos/craftcreativity