Holly Farrell was born in North Bay, Ontario, and is currently based in Toronto. Her realist paintings are exhibited across Canada and also in the States.

Holly’s art is so fabulous, you’d never guess that she is a self-taught artist! Her paintings invoke feelings of nostalgia. The rendering is so realistic I feel as if I could really sit down in one of the chairs, or put those pink shoes right onto my feet and go dancing. It’s as if she takes inanimate objects and gives them life. They float on her canvas in a solitary existence, waiting for someone to pick them up, sit on them… to acknowledge that they have a history and a story to tell.

These chair paintings would look so fabulous in a sitting room, office or reading nook!

Sigh. The shoes, the delicate and dreamy vintage wallpaper background…. this imagery is so retro and yet so TODAY!!! If I had my own powder room – and a lot of money, these would hang above my makeup table.

Doesn’t that lamp look chic? And the sofa – right out of Grandma’s house!
I would love to have the mugs hanging in my kitchen and these bow ties are perfect for a boy’s room. The paintings are a few of my favourites. To see more of Holly’s work, check out her web page at www.hollyfarrell.com.