I’ve seen all the news clips on eyelash extensions and watched endless commercials for lashes that promise to blast, plump, volumize, extend and lengthen your lashes, a-la Kim Kardashian and J-Lo.

Recently, I’ve noticed a 60s style come back – Twiggy “spider lashes”. Love it or hate it, I think we will be seeing more of this in the near future. The long upper and lower false lashes create a vulnerable appearance to the eyes that is very appealing.

On the left, Twiggy; on the right, Abbey Lee Kershaw as Twiggy for i-D, the similarity is striking. Are the 60s back for a while?

These models are sporting the new look here

In real life, The Cherry Blossom Girl is already rocking the look in Paris.

These aren’t “Twiggy style” but, if you really want to make a statement, why not give these PAPERSELF eyelashes a try? They are cut from paper, designed by Ting yu Wang, and come in several different designs. I’m a graphic designer and I like these, but I can’t really seem to come up with the right occasion to wear them to! Crazy lashes is gettin’ crazier!!